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My first version of the Lights On game was extremely laggy but I learnt a lot of redstone technology such as how signals travel through blocks. Using this I thought I would be able to improve upon the design and make it smaller and faster. Again I learnt more redstone technology such as BUDs and more advanced block signalling and precise timing. 

I think this updated version, which is now able to be put into the ground, is probably the smallest version available. Again it’s only a 3x3 grid of lights.

The actual processor is about 30% the size of the previous one, the three bottom ones in the model have signal extenders because it switches off too fast otherwise for the flip flops to work.

Improved colour coding has made the building easier plus it looks a lot nicer than a grey mass of blocks. Blue, Green, Red, Yellow are processor output signals Up, Left, Down and Right respectively. White is the combination lock mechanism, orange for the randomisers, light blue for button input and black for the light output signals. Let me tell you that sending a signal downwards is harder than sending a signal upwards, especially if you’re battling against pulse times and space.

You can see that almost half of the underground space is actually for the input/output wiring, but this ‘could’ be reduced.

Here’s Lights On V1:


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